Independent Spirit

Thank you Dad for all you did.

25-3-1928 / 17-9-2013

Manuel Gil Cengotita
President of Talleres MYL, S.A.


How we are and
how our company is

How a company like MYL, that has been in existence for over 40 years and with a markedly family character, so as to have been able to become a modern and innovating company.

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The second generation

Second Generation


“Today, our clearest commitment to the future is taking place in the fields of innovation, management of knowledge and inter-corporate collaboration.
To confront the present times, which are characterised by international competitiveness, which in turn makes the cooperation and training of corporate communities necessary on or around related interests”.

Imanol Gil Esparza
General Manager of Talleres MYL, S.A.

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In the era of knowledge

In our era, the “human factor” gathers strength as the nucleus that promotes technological advances. MYL, that has always been characterised by its innovating stance, is committed to the challenge of attaining work equipment that combines sufficient technical talent with that innovating character with a view to confronting new and decisive future projects.