“Japan will be our next challenge”

Iñigo Mendoza

General Manager

“We have a very close, direct relationship with our customers. This is the key”

What should the head of MYL expect in his everyday work?
Essentially, to work in two different areas. On the one hand, internal management of the company and on the other the commercial side, representing the business. The second of these means that, because of the close, direct relationship we have with our customers, I have to spend a lot of my time travelling or dealing with visits to our site. On the internal management side I try to give coherence and sense to everything we do, to generate either short or medium-term goals to enable us to reach where strategically we aim to get. We have a strong team, and my job is to contribute an overall vision to make sense of day-to-day decisions.

What are the main competitive factors in the company?
I think they are a combination of the values we have created over all these years, but if I had to highlight the main ones I would choose the workforce and our taste for taking care over details. We are a young but experienced team, a perfect combination to sustain this project. Moreover, we have accustomed ourselves to a distinctive approach to the market, one which takes great care over quality, and is obsessed with detail, cleanliness, control of traceability and design.

How have MYL’s foreign markets developed?
In terms of repairing precision spindles, we have managed to position ourselves as one of the benchmarks at European level. We have built up our presence on European markets and currently work in Germany, Sweden, Romania, France and the United Kingdom. As regards sales of new product, Germany and China are markets where we have a considerable presence. From 2016 onwards, Japan will be our next challenge. We are very excited.

The average age of MYL employees is relatively low. Is the youth of your workforce a strategic choice?
Yes, it is a very important strategic choice that we have been working on in recent years. An issue of generational change is approaching in the machine tool industry, and companies that do not build up their young talent with a view to the future may find themselves with a very serious problem. We are in constant contact with the universities in our region, and the fact is that this relationship is bearing fruit and we are very pleased.

What are the main challenges for the coming years?
Apart from keeping up sustained growth and penetrating new markets, we are highly focused on expanding our range of new product and on repairing rotary tables. But above all, to carry on being MYL, a customer-oriented company with very clear values and an ongoing commitment to technology.