We work in a privileged environment

The Basque Country, the land that defines our character.

The land that has seen us begin and grow is what, in one way or another, defines our character, our way of thinking, of being, of working...

Historically, the Basque Country has been an example of overcoming and effort that, combined with its geographical location, the force of the Cantabrian sea, the power and life of its woods, have forged a noble, honest, strong and fighting spirit in its people that is maintained over the generations, demonstrating the loyalty of the Basques to culture and tradition as a bases for its own unbreakable spirit.


An incomparable setting where MYL made its bases, most specifically in Elgoibar which, as it is near the river, the sea and surrounded by nature, was a very important geographical point for economic and industrial activities. The cradle of the Machine Tool in Spain.


Over the years, MYL has had to extend its headquarters and move its business to Mendaro, while maintaining the feeling and strong industrial tradition that, for more than a century, has made us the machine- tool manufacturing centre, with exemplary export performance that has established the Basque Country internationally.


A gastronomy that forms part of our culture, valued and recognised beyond our borders.

Leisure and culture

Place of birth of renowned artists, architects and musicians, the Basque Country welcomes international performers at first-rate festivals.


Formed of vast plains and mountain ranges and surrounded by the power of the Cantabrian Sea, nature forms an undeniable part of a landscape that every year attracts visitors from around the world.


A country of great natural wealth that respects and protects the creation of green and landscaped spaces that has earned one of its capitals the title of Green Capital Europea 2012.


“Land of Basque”. The past and history of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) has accompanied us generation after generation, forging working people of strong innovative spirit who are proud of their roots.


Its excellent geographical location on both sides of the Pyrenees and near the sea and Spanish and French territory has led to unique communication by air, sea and road transport.