· Since 1969 ·

Our history

It is now more than 45 years and thanks to the strong innovative spirit of its founder, Manuel Gil Cengotita, since MYL began its existence in workshops of just 200 m2 in Elgoibar, with the design, manufacture and repair of machine tool spindles.

A second generation committed to technology

New challenges for a global market.

“We combine experience with a strong orientation towards innovation”

In 1969 Manuel Gil Cengoitia, driven by an unstoppable spirit of enterprise, founded Talleres MYL and embarked on his career on just 200 m2 of premises in Elgoibar, designing, making and repairing spindles for machine tools.

He set up a flexible family business committed to closeness to its customers and an end product of excellent quality. MYL today is founded on this same attitude, in the conviction that this is the best and only way to meet the needs of those who depend on our work.

Today, run by the second generation of the family on our 1,500 m2 of premises in Mendaro, and with a much more structured organisation, we are committed to innovation, knowledge management and B2B partnership in order to meet the needs of a much more competitive, internationalised market. This philosophy is strengthened by the creation of work groups who combine experience with a strong orientation towards innovation to promote new, better technological progress that enables us to take on the demanding projects of the future.

We are convinced that commitment to our customers, teamwork and an ongoing commitment to technology are the key to confronting the new challenges of a highly demanding global market.